Granite and Marble Slabs from GTA Importers

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Granite and Marble Slabs from GTA Importers

Granite and marble slabs from GTA importers can add value to your home. Learn more about beautiful, durable stone countertops.
Why should you choose a natural granite or marble slab countertop for your new home or home renovation? There are many reasons why adding natural stone accents to your home is a great idea, but two in particular stand out: beauty and value. A huge selection of granite and marble slabs are available from GTA stone importers, so you’re sure to find exactly the right countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or dining surface.

Unmatched Beauty

There are many materials used to create counter surfaces, including laminate, wood, stainless steel, glass, concrete, tile, and more. Each has pros and cons. However, none of them can match the natural beauty of a polished or honed marble or granite countertop. Each piece of natural stone is like a fine work of art – unique and priceless.
While you could select a laminate countertop simply by looking at a small sample, you should really visit a showroom to look at stone slabs. That’s because no sample can reflect the individuality of a particular stone slab. Colours and patterns of stone come from the elements that make up each piece, and no two are alike. The huge range of colours and patterns available in both granite and marble amaze first-time visitors of stone import showrooms. In fact, sometimes a specific piece of stone inspires an entire room design. A beautiful natural countertop can become the sparkling hub of any kitchen.
Neutral colours such as cream, pearl, white, gold, bronze, tan, and grey are extremely versatile and can be matched to any style of interior design. Other vivid colours such as metallic blue, deep green, or rose tones can have great visual impact, and tie together other elements. From the thousands of colours available, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for your kitchen, bathroom, or other room. Patterns vary from slight to bold, and may be in contrasting or complementary shades. From faintly speckled to deep veining, the pattern and texture of the stone add a great deal of character to the slab.
Nothing catches and reflects the light like natural stone. Beautiful natural elements give your home a warm, welcoming, and elegant feeling.


Stone is an extremely durable option, so you can be sure that when you install a stone countertop it will last a lifetime and beyond. Ancient architecture and art made of stone has endured for many decades and your stone countertop is also built to last! Also, partly due to stone’s association with the graceful art and architecture of the ages, it adds an undeniable air of elegance to your home. For these and many more reasons, investing a little bit more about natural stone can add tremendously to the resale value of your home. In fact, recent studies show that a stone kitchen countertop can greatly increase the value of your home.
The best importer-distributors maintain large showrooms where you can see and ask questions about granite and marble stone from around the world. Visit a GTA stone importer today and add the beauty of natural stone to your living space!